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My Services

Hello, my name is Jerry O’Connor. I offer a range of services to help you create your online presence and keep it consistently fresh and interesting. By producing a steady flow of content you be able to find, grow and retain your audience. I’m happy to work with you to manage and strengthen your message. Below are the five general areas where I can help.


Video Creation

I’ll help you with the concept, pre-planing, recording, editing and uploading of your videos on a consistent basis.


I can provide you with the headshots, office environment, or lifestyle images, for use on your website or social media.

Aerial Video

I have the proper certification from the FAA (Part107) to legally fly an aerial drone for commercial purposes.  


I will record, edit and upload your podcast building audience through the new opportunities in audio and smart speakers.

Digital Management

Whether you need a website, email support, social media content, I can help plan and produce what is necessary.


The Process

The process is straight-forward. You start by giving me a call or filling out the consultation form below. This communicates your exisiting situation and provides a basis for our initial planning discussion. I will be in contact with you very quickly after receiving your information and we proceed with the steps below.


1. Planning

We review your current goals and content offering. We determine your target audience and develop a content calendar to generate high value information for them.

2. Production

Once we have the calender in place we begin producing the content. Based on the content calender we will endeavor to batch or cluster the productions days for efficiency.

3. Placement

After we have completed the production process, editing and approval process, the content will be uploaded to the appropriate platform for display and distribution.


4. Revise & Repeat

With the content placed and being measured, we will evaluate the effectiveness, revise the calendar as necessary, and repeat the process.


My Work

I have produced a variety of content during the past few years. Videos that tell a stories can assist in bringing significantly more attention to social media post thus driving traffic to your website and increasing revenue. Below are some examples of work created for clients.

Video Work



My rates for the services that I offer are customize to the individual projects of my clients. We can work within a broad range of budgets. We can structure pricing on a fixed price basis with a once a month payment for a set package of content or a pay-as-you-go hourly rate billed each week. Please reach out through the contact form below.


What They Say

Jerry’s has many strengths that would greatly enhance any project. He is a great collaborator and works well within a team environment to help solidify and execute on ideas. During our time together I was consistently impressed with his understanding of video, photography and storytelling aspects of the digital marketing process.

Loren Worthington | Marketing Director, Ability360

Below are some of the companies and institutions that I have had the opportunity to work with.


Let’s Connect

Fill out the form below or call me at (623) 252-2512 and I will get back with you as soon as possible.

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